Before getting fertility treatment, patients are used to having mixed feelings of anger, shame, aggression, frustration, rejection, and inferiority which we need to inspect and perceive. We need to discuss these emotions with patients and ensure that they can talk freely in a reliable and friendly environment. We have well-trained counselors to talk to the patients and listen to them.


We listen to them about any problems they are going through. They are here to help patients to comprehend the whole process and deal with the challenges they face. The inability to give birth puts uncertainty in the mind of patients and they need to feel secure in their journey towards acceptance.


We specialize in following types of counseling –


  1. Premarital Counseling

We provide a specialized type of therapy in premarital counseling which helps couples and benefits them for a long-term commitment like marriage. We can help them address and identify the potential triggers of conflicts in advance before they become serious. We teach proper strategies to each partner to sort out the conflicts.


Couples looking for premarital counseling can better comprehend what to expect about marriage and deal with any major differences in a neutral and safe environment. Premarital counseling can help partners to deal with concerns which take place in their relationships. They can understand certain problem areas like child-rearing, finances, family dynamics, and career goals.


  1. Preconception Counseling

Preconception counseling is associated with health education, intervention, and risk assessment before pregnancy to prevent the risk of poor outcomes. More than 200 million unplanned pregnancies happen every year. This way, preconception counseling plays a vital role to reduce poor outcomes. It is targeted at the father, mother, and family to cut down on infant and maternal mortality and morbidity. Preconception education and counseling should cover early health information and promotion to help families to trigger the risks and address such types of risks before pregnancy.


  1. Contraceptive Counseling (Birth Control Method)

Contraceptive counseling involves making strategies to improve the quality of life and avoid unwanted pregnancy. We trigger the aspects of task-oriented and relational communication when it comes to family planning. We can help meet the needs of patients. We develop a trusted and close relationship with patients with a proper decision-making approach which works on responding and eliciting to preferences of patients. We provide counseling on promoting contraceptive methods and adherence to promote the use of contraception.

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