Indian Diet Chart for Pregnant Lady in First Trimester

When it comes to pregnancy diet plans, there are lots of options in Indian cuisine. You need to consider some common needs for a pregnancy diet. Deficiency of iron and folic acid is one of the most common problems. Some of the best foods to eat are beans, raisins, meat, and spinach for iron. If you are a vegetarian, you can consider a lot of veg alternatives for iron.  Indian Diet Plan for a Mom-to-be  Here’s the sample diet plan that can help you in pregnancy –  Pre-Breakfast (around 7am) […]

Effective Ways to Recovery From Laparoscopic Surgery

The laparoscopy is also called diagnostic laparoscopy and it is a procedure for the examination of the organs. The procedure examines the organs inside the abdomen and it requires the small incisions. There are lots of effective ways to recover from laparoscopic surgery. The procedure uses the smaller cuts and is completed with the slender tool. A surgeon performs the surgery to the patient’s body and makes small cuts.  The whole procedure can be seen on the screen that records the steps of cutting. You can see the complete procedure […]

The Effective Exercise for Pregnant Women

During pregnancy, the woman has to face some troubles while doing the workouts. It is a problem for every pregnant woman, so they need to understand some useful exercises. With the help of safe activities, you and your baby will not face any disturbance. If you are getting issues in your sleeping or have ankle pain, then you should try some strong positions of the workout. Some women suffer from backache during pregnancy, so they can also do the same procedure. Some common body problems can be solved with the […]

Infections to Look Out For During Pregnancy!

During pregnancy, women get affected by things easily. The pregnancy period is genuinely a fragile time for them. In this delicate time, it is imperative to take care of the woman. She can get in touch with infections quickly. Sometimes, people usually ignore these small infections.   On the other hand, there are the number of people who get stressed out because of the infections. But, taking it lightly, or taking it too seriously is also not good. It is acceptable; the woman’s health gets delicate when she is pregnant. […]

Pregnancy, Stay Healthy By Dr. Vandana Singh!

Pregnancy is the period, which brings new and unique experience in your life. It fills up the box of memories for you. The woman should enjoy the time as much as she can. But, on the very same side, she should be meticulous towards her health also. There are lots of hormonal and immune system changes that occur in a woman’s life during pregnancy. These changes are acceptable too. But the fact is, at this period, she can easily get connected with any infection. During the pregnancy period, the woman […]

Pregnancy Stress: How to Beat IT?

How to Relieve Stress When You Are Trying to Get Pregnant?   Every woman suffers from anxiety in this day and age and expected moms can stress a few other factors. You know that kind of stress is not good for your physical and mental health and it could also affect your baby’s health. According to some studies, increased levels of the stress hormone cortisol can cause shorter pregnancies and even affect the growth of the baby. This way, here are some of the best ways to beat those prickly […]

Conditions that can damage your Uterus health!!!

The overall well-being of a woman depends highly on the health of the uterus. The uterus is an important reproductive organ of a woman which develops the fertilized ovum into the fetus and holds the same until the child grows up enough to be born. It helps the bowel movement, bladder, pelvic organs, and muscles. You need to protect your uterus against a lot of health conditions.   Fibroids These are typically the benign tumors made of even uterus wall muscles and they can range from a rice grain up […]

Vaginal Discharge – Types, Causes and When to See Doctor

More often than not, the vaginal discharge takes place regularly and normally. But abnormal or excessive vaginal discharge may be a sign of infection. It may be green or yellow, foul-smelling, or chunky.  Abnormal discharge can also be caused due to bacterial or yeast infection. If any discharge smells foul or looks unusual, you should ask your doctor for treatment.   Types There are different types of vaginal discharge which are based on their consistency and color. Some are normal, while some are the signs of a condition that needs […]

Common Gynecologic Problems and Procedures

A woman’s body passes through a lot of changes over the reproductive cycle in her life. So, it is very obvious to have some of the common gynecological health problems over time. Here are some of the potential problems you may face on your reproductive lifetime –   Yeast Infection One of the most common causes behind vaginal irritation is a yeast infection. It affects at least 3 of 4 women at least once in a lifetime.  Yeast cells are grown over and they usually stay in the vagina causing […]

Diabetes in Pregnancy

Diabetes in Pregnancy Gestational diabetes is high blood sugar that develops during pregnancy and usually disappears after giving birth. It can occur at any stage of pregnancy, but is more common in the second half. It occurs if your body cannot produce enough insulin – a hormone that helps control blood sugar levels – to meet the extra needs in pregnancy. Gestational diabetes can cause problems for you and your baby during and after birth. But the risk of these problems happening can be reduced if it’s detected and well managed. Who’s at risk of […]