Week 13 Pregnancy – Body Changes, Twin Growth & Symptoms

So you are finally making it to the second trimester. It’s the end of the first trimester when risks of miscarriage reduce drastically. Your body and your child might be witnessing a lot of changes. Your Body’s Changes Your body is now balancing out your hormone levels as the placenta is being developed. Your belly started to expand and stretch off your pelvis. You might now feel cozier in maternity clothes to let the baby bump stretch. Your Child’s Growth Your baby has finally grown like a peapod. The intestines […]

Week 9 Pregnancy – What to Expect, Symptoms, and Your Baby’s Development

Now that you have evolved with your mood swings and morning sickness, you might experience the peak of your early symptoms by week 9. At this stage, Human Chronic Gonadotropin (hCG), a pregnancy hormone, is at its peak. You might be fatigued, have heartburn, nausea, tender breasts, or constipation by now. What to Expect? You might have aversions and food cravings, and some mood swings Main organs are growing in your baby like toes, arms, ears, and eyelids. You might hear the heartbeat on a Doppler ultrasound Seek help if […]

Week 8 Pregnancy – What to Expect, Symptoms and Other Details

As you are reaching the end of 1st trimester, you might experience your clothes fitting even tighter. Usually, you gain only a few pounds of weight. Your uterus might be expanding eventually to accommodate the rapid growth of your baby. The breasts might also feel tender and fuller. During pregnancy, blood volume raises to over 45%. Even in this stage, discomforts and changes happen because your body evolves with its new changes and requirements. Your Child The little one might look like a kidney bean, i.e. around 11 to 14 […]

When Should You See a Doctor for Irregular Periods?

You may have reached your mid 20s or late 20s but your circle stops working all of a sudden, after getting periods without any delay for several years. It’s not menopause and there is no chance of pregnancy either. So what’s making you worried?  Irregular periods are sometimes normal. Read on to know the exact causes and signs of irregular periods, and most important, when you should see your doctor.  What is Irregular Period? When the menstrual cycle suddenly lasts longer than normal, it causes irregular periods. You may have […]

Week 6 Pregnancy – Symptoms, Changes in Your Body & Child

Early pregnancy is full of emotions, hormonal changes, and also various symptoms. It comes with “new you” feelings and is both nerving and exciting. You might have symptoms like headache, fatigue, cramping, sore breasts, bloating, and frequent urination. Morning sickness is something you will get used to. In this stage, your body produces the hormones for your fetal growth at the right time, and these symptoms are nothing but their byproducts. What to Expect? Morning sickness PMS symptoms like sore breasts, headaches, fatigue, etc. The baby is around the size […]

How to Get Periods Immediately in One Day?

There are different reasons for women to have periods to arrive faster, for example, an important day of the week, a deadline, or even an adventure trip. It also goes without saying that women use different ways to induce their menstrual cycle.   There are also some women who want to predict their period more accurately and they have irregular periods, so they can plan their pregnancy. They may also be worried or stressed due to the delayed period.  No matter what the reason is, you should consult your gynaecologist in […]

Week 2 Pregnancy – Fetal Growth, Tips and Symptoms

Stage – 1st Trimester  Weeks left for delivery – 38 You’ve just completed the first week of pregnancy and are still not pregnant technically, but you are a step closer to your goal. Your body is preparing for ovulation in the 2nd week.  You should focus on the fertility signs of your body and get closer to your partner to improve the chances of conception. From the first day of the last period, your 40-week countdown and due date will be estimated by your gynecologist.  Symptoms  Here are some early […]

Health Benefits of Cucumber in Pregnancy

A bowl filled with sliced cucumbers can do the magic if you are looking for a light snack to relieve hunger and cool down your body in summers. It also helps in weight loss.  Is it safe to eat cucumber for pregnant women? What are its health benefits during pregnancy? We will explain it all in this guide.  Health Benefits of Cucumber in Pregnancy  Usually, cucumber is not part of any pregnancy diet but there is nothing wrong if you have a little bit of it. There are some side […]

Indian Diet Chart for Pregnant Lady in First Trimester

When it comes to pregnancy diet plans, there are lots of options in Indian cuisine. You need to consider some common needs for a pregnancy diet. Deficiency of iron and folic acid is one of the most common problems. Some of the best foods to eat are beans, raisins, meat, and spinach for iron. If you are a vegetarian, you can consider a lot of veg alternatives for iron.  Indian Diet Plan for a Mom-to-be  Here’s the sample diet plan that can help you in pregnancy –  Pre-Breakfast (around 7am) […]

Effective Ways to Recovery From Laparoscopic Surgery

The laparoscopy is also called diagnostic laparoscopy and it is a procedure for the examination of the organs. The procedure examines the organs inside the abdomen and it requires the small incisions. There are lots of effective ways to recover from laparoscopic surgery. The procedure uses the smaller cuts and is completed with the slender tool. A surgeon performs the surgery to the patient’s body and makes small cuts.  The whole procedure can be seen on the screen that records the steps of cutting. You can see the complete procedure […]