How To Control Obesity During Pregnancy?

During the pregnancy period, it is essential to eat a sufficient amount of food to give vital nutrients to your body. The best Gynecologist in Noida will also guide you regarding the food like what you eat or what you not. In addition to it, you may also experience weight-increment. However, the woman who suffers from obesity has the risk of some pregnancy complications.  So, it is essential to control obesity during the pregnancy period. Moreover, you can follow some below-mentioned tips to get control of pregnancy.  Take the suggestion from […]

10 Ayurvedic Tips for Healthy Pregnancy

For a healthy and safe pregnancy, you should have the basic knowledge. This knowledge can be related to the ayurvedic tips. No doubt, pregnancy brings several changes in the women’s life. You should be prepared to face these challenges so that it leads to a healthy pregnancy. There are several ayurvedic tips that you can consider to maintain positivity throughout your pregnancy.  You can consider these tips by discussing and searching for the Gynecologist near me. Here is the list of some Ayurvedic Tips. Daily Routine A pregnant woman should go to […]

False Labor Pain- How To Detect It?

The period of pregnancy is a blend of pain, weight increment, and so on. Even pregnant women face some contractions. These contractions usually experience in the final week of their pregnancy. However, these contractions are not an indication of labor pain. One can identify the fast labor which comes and goes without any pattern or consistency. It will usually occur before the due date or in the last two to four weeks. Moreover, you can take more guidance from the Best gynecologist.  Braxton Hicks Contractions The term Braxton Hicks Contractions are […]

Blood Clots During Pregnancy: Know Its Treatment

Blood clots during pregnancy are one of the most common occurrences. Pregnant women are 5 times more likely to develop blood clots in the veins around the legs including the pelvic area (known as deep vein thrombosis DVT) which sometimes could even lead to a risk to the health of both baby and the mother. What Exactly Is Blood Clotting? This medical condition refers to the collection of blood in a mass on a particular area which could lead to irritation and lead to the blockage of blood veins which […]

Is Breastfeeding Easier from Week 1 to 6 – Tips for Beginners

During the first few weeks, many women set a goal to breastfeed for three months, six months, or one year as per their convenience. But you may find those goals a far-fetched dream the moment you start. Many women cannot bear the frequency, the pain, and the bulge for up to six months. First six weeks are the most crucial period. If you make it through the first two months or so, it would be easier to breastfeed. What you should know? Baby has to learn and develop during the […]

What’s Causing Heartburn in Pregnancy? How to Treat?

Also known as acidity or acid reflux, heartburn usually affects the tube from your throat to your stomach, esophagus. It seems like some hot fiery tossing stomach acid which makes it to the throat. You may feel this burning sensation from several minutes to hours. It makes you – Belch more often Feel bloated Have a sore throat Cough constantly Feel a sour taste in the mouth Spicy foods can worsen the condition, but hormones play a more critical role in this. If you suffered heartburn earlier, chances are you […]

Week 13 Pregnancy – Body Changes, Twin Growth & Symptoms

So you are finally making it to the second trimester. It’s the end of the first trimester when risks of miscarriage reduce drastically. Your body and your child might be witnessing a lot of changes. Your Body’s Changes Your body is now balancing out your hormone levels as the placenta is being developed. Your belly started to expand and stretch off your pelvis. You might now feel cozier in maternity clothes to let the baby bump stretch. Your Child’s Growth Your baby has finally grown like a peapod. The intestines […]

Week 9 Pregnancy – What to Expect, Symptoms, and Your Baby’s Development

Now that you have evolved with your mood swings and morning sickness, you might experience the peak of your early symptoms by week 9. At this stage, Human Chronic Gonadotropin (hCG), a pregnancy hormone, is at its peak. You might be fatigued, have heartburn, nausea, tender breasts, or constipation by now. What to Expect? You might have aversions and food cravings, and some mood swings Main organs are growing in your baby like toes, arms, ears, and eyelids. You might hear the heartbeat on a Doppler ultrasound Seek help if […]

Week 8 Pregnancy – What to Expect, Symptoms and Other Details

As you are reaching the end of 1st trimester, you might experience your clothes fitting even tighter. Usually, you gain only a few pounds of weight. Your uterus might be expanding eventually to accommodate the rapid growth of your baby. The breasts might also feel tender and fuller. During pregnancy, blood volume raises to over 45%. Even in this stage, discomforts and changes happen because your body evolves with its new changes and requirements. Your Child The little one might look like a kidney bean, i.e. around 11 to 14 […]

When Should You See a Doctor for Irregular Periods?

You may have reached your mid 20s or late 20s but your circle stops working all of a sudden, after getting periods without any delay for several years. It’s not menopause and there is no chance of pregnancy either. So what’s making you worried?  Irregular periods are sometimes normal. Read on to know the exact causes and signs of irregular periods, and most important, when you should see your doctor.  What is Irregular Period? When the menstrual cycle suddenly lasts longer than normal, it causes irregular periods. You may have […]