Week 13 Pregnancy

Week 13 Pregnancy – Body Changes, Twin Growth & Symptoms

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So you are finally making it to the second trimester. It’s the end of the first trimester when risks of miscarriage reduce drastically. Your body and your child might be witnessing a lot of changes.

Your Body’s Changes

Your body is now balancing out your hormone levels as the placenta is being developed. Your belly started to expand and stretch off your pelvis. You might now feel cozier in maternity clothes to let the baby bump stretch.

Your Child’s Growth

Your baby has finally grown like a peapod. The intestines of your baby have grown over the past few weeks in the umbilical cord. They are finally getting back to her abdomen. The tissue is fortifying eventually around the baby’s arms, head, and legs into the bone. The amniotic fluid will be filled with your baby’s urine, and it will be there till the end of pregnancy. You might be able to determine your baby’s gender by around 20 weeks via ultrasound.

Twin’s Growth

If you are carrying twins, they will be around 4” long. Tissues will be forming to become legs, arms, and bones. They will also start peeing in the fluid around them.


Early symptoms start going away by now, and you might be comfortable and ready to enter the next trimester. You may still have the following symptoms –

  •  Improved energy levels
  • Exhaustion
  • Leaky breasts
  • Curved ligament pain

Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy

Practice healthy eating habits to keep your baby and body nourished. Eat whole foods that are rich in minerals, vitamins, and healthy fats. Start your day with some peanut butter and multi-grain bread. Have antioxidant-rich fruits to make healthy snacks like berries. Add lean protein to your diet, like eggs, beans, and oily fish. Get these products off your diet –

  • Raw seafood
  • Mercury-rich seafood
  • Undercooked meats
  • Unpasteurized food items like soft cheeses
  • Lunch meats
  • Raw eggs
  • Unwashed vegetables and fruits
  • Alcohol and caffeine
  • Herbal teas

Ask your doctor before starting your exercise regimen. Light exercises are still recommended, like jogging, walking, and yoga. Look for alternatives to abs exercises because you won’t be able to lie flat.

Meet your Gynecologist when…

You experience any abdominal or pelvic bleeding, cramping, or spotting. These are some of the common signs of miscarriage. You should also call the doctor if you have excessive stress, depression, and anxiety. These issues may lead to preterm birth, low birth weight, and other congenital disabilities.

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