Breastfeeding Easier from Week 1 to 6

Is Breastfeeding Easier from Week 1 to 6 – Tips for Beginners

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During the first few weeks, many women set a goal to breastfeed for three months, six months, or one year as per their convenience. But you may find those goals a far-fetched dream the moment you start. Many women cannot bear the frequency, the pain, and the bulge for up to six months. First six weeks are the most crucial period. If you make it through the first two months or so, it would be easier to breastfeed.

What you should know?

Baby has to learn and develop during the first few weeks. Baby has to use her own reflexes and skills to make it possible. At this stage, intellectual development is not easy for babies.

Skin-to-skin Breastfeeding can improve brain development and avoid overstimulation

When the baby is overstimulated, it is not easy to feed her as her eyes are closed, and her mouth is tight. You need to breastfeed as much as you can to help her move to the regular routine and avoid stimulation.

  • Initially, a baby can see only 8-10 inches during breastfeeding. They can see the dark areola with light skin behind. They can find the nipple with this color contrast as they can see grey, white, and black. So, you need to reveal your bare chest to her. A latch may help you with this.
  •  The process of sucking is the most common reflex initially. They suck forcefully in the initial stage. So, you need to position your baby’s mouth correctly to avoid any damage and painful latch.

How to manage sore nipples?

Sore nipples are the signs that something is wrong in your body. You can avoid pain with a good latch. Usually, breastfeeding cannot be completely painless in the first few weeks. After some time, sensitivity on your tender skin will heal. If you have pain, don’t get into long sessions. You should keep the latch right to improve the milk supply by allowing your baby feed as long as you can. To know more before starting your breastfeeding routine, ask your gynecology doctor first. She will guide you to have manageable nursing with minimal discomfort.

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