PCOD/PCOS Treatment

PCOD/PCOS Treatment in Noida

PCOD treatment can be helpful to control and handle the signs and symptoms of polycystic ovary syndrome or PCOS and control the odds for prolonged conditions like heart disease and diabetes. It is important to ask your doctor about your treatment goals and choose the right plan. If you are having complications in pregnancy, the doctor will help you conceive. If you want to deal with acne related to PCOS, your treatment must be based on skin issues.


Healthy Diet

Proper exercise and diet are some of the best options to deal with PCOS. A lot of women are obese or overweight with the condition of PCOS. You can help improve the symptoms by losing just 5-10% of the weight and it can also be helpful to improve periods. It can also help you deal with issues relating to ovulation and blood sugar levels.


You also need to avoid sugary and fatty food as PCOS symptoms increase blood sugar levels. So, you need to eat meals and foods which are rich in fiber and can improve your blood sugar levels eventually. You can also control your insulin and blood sugar levels by staying active.


Medications and Hormones

For women who are not expecting pregnancy, birth control is widely preferred by doctors. There are certain hormonal birth control pills, shots, vaginal ring, skin patch, or IUD (intrauterine device) for hormones available to bring back proper periods. You can also prevent acne and unwanted growth of hair with hormone therapy.


There are certain birth control approaches to help you minimize the odds of suffering endometrial cancer in the inner uterus lining. Taking progestin hormone can be able to restore the periods. It doesn’t treat acne and unwanted hair growth or prevent pregnancies. But it can also control the odds of having uterine cancer.


Is weight loss helpful?

When regular exercise and a healthy diet are no longer effective, medications can help you lose weight with ease. Different medications have different effects. For example, some medications can keep your body from digesting certain fats to improve cholesterol levels and control hunger. Your doctor may suggest the right medications.


Weight loss surgery can also be prescribed if no other methods are worked and you are severely obese. Afterward, you can change your weight and control the menstrual cycle as well as hormones.



There are certain medications your doctor may prescribe to help you in pregnancy. For example, letrozole and Clomiphene are known to improve the steps to trigger ovulation. If they are not capable to work, there are hormone shots available like gonadotropins. Ovarian drilling is a surgery that can help ovaries to perform better when ovulation medications are failed.


IVF is another common treatment for fertility these days when doctors fertilize the eggs and place them in the woman’s uterus.

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