Antenatal Workshop at the women clinic

Antenatal Workshop at “The Women Clinic”

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Antenatal Workshop.

For Pregnant Women.

This intensive Antenatal Workshop will answer all your questions and help you through a stress-free maternity. The key focus areas of the workshop:

• Introduction and concept of antenatal sessions
• Process of pregnancy and basic changes it brings – a brief overview of the trimesters
• Preparation for childbirth – natural and caesarean mode of delivery
• Basic anatomy and physiology of childbirth
• Over view of labour, signs of labour and labour progression
• Advanced pain relief options available in Cloudnine Hospitals for painless labor
• Importance of dad’s role during pregnancy and beyond
• Care of the newborn and immediate postnatal care, including neonatal screening
• Introduction to the concept of stem cells and the collection procedure
• Exclusive Nutritional sessions to boost up a healthy lifestyle during maternity
• Lamaze (breathing techniques) and Pelvic Floor Exercises to prepare you for painless and normal delivery
• Exercises to keep you fit, right postures to help you maintain your balance and correct sleeping positions during pregnancy