Pregnancy, Stay Healthy

Pregnancy, Stay Healthy By Dr. Vandana Singh!

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Pregnancy is the period, which brings new and unique experience in your life. It fills up the box of memories for you. The woman should enjoy the time as much as she can. But, on the very same side, she should be meticulous towards her health also. There are lots of hormonal and immune system changes that occur in a woman’s life during pregnancy. These changes are acceptable too. But the fact is, at this period, she can easily get connected with any infection. During the pregnancy period, the woman needs to take precautions properly so that you can maintain your health, as well as your baby also.


Many women are pregnant, but they are officially working as well. So, in this case, they cannot ask from their office to let her go on paid leave. Working during pregnancy is not easy. Even the woman gets more tired when she is pregnant. It is more challenging for her to deal with all the work. Make sure the pregnant woman does not get stress, and any trouble, because it can affect her a lot. Still, if you want to consult it with any doctor, Dr. Vandana Singh is here to help you out. Even, she is one of the best and top gynecologist in Noida, who has a vast experience in her working. Here are some advice’s every pregnant woman should follow for her and her baby’s health.


  • Take proper rest – At the start of the pregnancy period, the woman needs to take care of herself. If the woman is not taking appropriate rest, then it might cause a problem for her. There are many women whose sleep schedule is off, even when they are pregnant, it can cause severe issues to their health. At least 8 to 9 hours of sleep is a must for pregnant women. When you are on working hours, try to take breaks during working time. Speak to the employer and ask him to offer you small cracks between the working so that it will maintain your health.


  • Play smart with working – If you have enough load on your mind for your pregnancy, it is something concerning. The hefty workloads can cause significant issues to the pregnant woman’s health. Make sure, when you work during pregnancy, stay away from chemicals, radiations, and other things, which can affect you and your baby.


  • Take care of your hygiene level – Maintaining hygiene around a pregnant woman is necessary. Even the woman should take care of her hygiene level. She should take care of the sanitation. If you are working in such an environment, from where you have the chances to get inflectional diseases, then it will be better for you to carry all your hygiene maintenance stuff with you to keep you safe.


These tips are not enough; there is much more the pregnant woman should follow to stay healthy. Make sure; you will consider all the points during your pregnancy period, and enjoy as much as you can. Plus, if you want to take doctor’s advice, do not forget about the top gynecologist in Noida, Dr. Vandana Singh. She will help you to make the pregnancy nine months period easier and comfortable.